How do I apply for jobs?

You can search and apply for jobs here: myCNAjobs also promotes job fairs across the country, allowing you to interview for multiple job opportunities at once. You can search local caregiver career fairs here:

What type of jobs are on your website?

Employers use myCNAjobs to hire non-medical caregivers (also called homemakers or non-certified caregivers), home health aides, certified nursing assistants, and personal care assistants. Jobs include opportunities with home care agencies, registries, assisted living communities, nursing homes, adult day care program, and a variety of hospitals and rehab centers.

I don’t have any formal training.  Can I be a caregiver?

Yes! Non-medical caregivers, also called homemakers, do not require any formalized training in many states. Additionally, many nursing homes and communities will hire care takers without certifications to assist with activities of daily living. View the job descriptions on myCNAjobs to see if you're eligible here:

I'm looking for a job quickly. Any tips?

  • Employers like to understand why you want to be a caregiver and why they should hire you. Spend time answering these questions on the job application.
  • Provide reasonable wage expectations.  You can always negotiate, however you don’t want to be disqualified before ever getting an interview.  
  • Check-in for work every two weeks. When you receive your check-in email, ensure that you visit the website to check-in. This flags local employer to let them know you're still available for work.
  • Search and apply for jobs a few times a week. New jobs are posted daily.
  • Ensure you have a professional voicemail greeting on your phone. If an employer calls, you want to put your best foot forward.
  • If an employer leaves you a message indicating they found your resume on myCNAjobs, call them back the same day.
When will I be contacted for a job?

myCNAjobs doesn't hire you. Employers using myCNAjobs to recruit and advertise their jobs make the hiring decisions. They decide who to call, when to call, and the next steps in the job application and interview process. myCNAjobs simply helps connect you to these employers.

How much can I expect to be paid?

myCNAjobs does not set the pay.  Employers using our site to hire caregivers set the pay.  Some employers may choose to list pay in their job openings and some will not. To learn about caregiver pay in your area, visit the Caregiver & CNA Pay Guide.

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