California's new "Do Not Sell My Personal Information" requirement and what it means for you at myCNAjobs

California enacted the California Consumer Privacy Act or "CCPA" for short. The CCPA is geared toward further ensuring the responsible use of California consumers' data. It aims to provide California residents a host of new rights, among them the ability to access their personal information and greater transparency into how businesses use their information.

The CCPA also gives California residents the right to stop the "sale" of their personal information through a mechanism called "Do Not Sell My Personal Information." While there are many positive impacts of this requirement, California's definition of "sale" also captures the transfer of data between corporate affiliates (that is, companies that share common ownership) and other transfers that ordinarily may not be thought of as a "sale" in the traditional sense of the word.

Here at myCNAjobs, our core mission is to help Job Seekers find great jobs, and Employers find great candidates. How we share data with employers is an integral component of the products and service. We share your resume data, application materials, assessment results, and other information you disclose on our Site with Employers to help you find a job. Because the CCPA has defined some of these transfers as "sales," we are unable to offer all of our services to our Users that ask us not to "sell" their Personal Data.

Users who opt to request that we not "sell" their Personal Data will not be able to use any service we offer that requires our continued use of the User's email address, including such things as applying to a job, being listed in the resume marketplace, and receiving job alerts. Accordingly, users who direct us to stop "selling" their Personal Data will be asked to delete their account with myCNAjobs and their associated Personal Data. Users who make this request will still be able to access all of the services we offer on our Site that don't require an email address. You can request that we delete your account and Personal Data by filling out this form ( or by calling our designated toll-free telephone number for CCPA requests, 888-424-5241. By submitting this request, you are declaring that you are a California resident availing yourself of the rights afforded to you under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Please note that we will attempt to verify your identity via the email address and/or telephone number associated with your request prior to fulfilling it. If you authorize another person to make this request on your behalf, in addition to verifying your identity we will also require proof that the person is authorized to act on your behalf.

Does myCNAjobs actually "sell" my personal information?

The idea of selling your personal information in the traditional sense runs counter to our core principles. We don't sell your data in this manner; we use it to help you find a job. We take pride in helping people get jobs and strive to act in the best interests of our users. Our Privacy Policy explains how we collect, use, and disclose your personal information in an effort to offer you better services relevant to your job search and hiring process.

myCNAjobs may share your personal information with employers seeking to hire job seekers with your skill set. California has defined this as a "sale." Because of this, we are required to disclose these types of transfers as "sales" of personal information.

myCNAjobs does not share your personal information with unaffiliated companies for marketing purposes and we certainly do not sell it for money to such companies for marketing purposes.

Can I still use myCNAjobs after I delete my personal information?

Yes, absolutely! You may also continue to use the features available on our Site to non-account holders for intiatives that do not require an email address. You can review all of the articles, career resources, and search to find local companies to contact in your own. should keep in mind, however, that we are able to offer a much more tailored job searching experience with more robust search results to users that allow us to retain their personal information.

Can I learn more about myCNAjobs' privacy practices?

For more information on our privacy practices, check out our Privacy Policy.

California Personal Data Request Form

By clicking Submit Request, I authorize the controller of the website selected above to contact me to verify my request and to perform the Type of Data Request selected above. Your request will not be performed until we are able to verify your identity, and the identity and authority of anyone who may attempt to act on behalf of another person, in accordance with applicable law. Any request may be denied if it cannot be verified.