Jennifer B.

Last checked-in 03/14/2020

< 1 Years Experience

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Jennifer B.

< 1 Years Experience

Last checked-in 03/14/2020

Sandy, Utah (84094)

(312) 566-8520

Meet Jennifer

Seeking $15.00/hour or Negotiable/day
Travel 10 Miles
Willing to drive client

Caregiver Specializations

  • Alzheimers/Dementia
  • Handicapped Patients
  • Hospice Patients
  • Breathing Treatments
  • Hoyer Lifts / Gait Belts
  • Nursing Home Experience
  • Finger Printing Complete
  • TB test/Chest X-ray
  • Dogs Acceptable
  • Smokers Acceptable
  • Lift 25+ Pounds



  • Full-Time
  • Not Live In


  • Night Shift


  • Weekdays

Why I Want To Be A Caregiver

I have always wanted to be a CNA since i was about 12 years old and I had a great grandmother who was abused in a home and no one believed her but me because she had dementia and when my family asked about the bruises the nurse said that it was from her falling down so I being a nosey kid did some investigating and found out it was the nurse who was abusing her and my family felt really bad for not seeing what was going on so from then on I made a promise to myself and my family that when I grew up I wanted to become a CNA and work my way up from there because I didn't want anyone taking care of my family but me after seeing that.

Why You Should Hire Me

Right now I am a Nurse Assistant at Sandy Health and Rehab I am taking my class this month starting the 21st and will be taking the class on the weekends only for the next 3 weeks after that. and I am reliable, honest, and hard-working. I also have a passion to take care of the elderly just like I would my own family. My residents love me they can vouch for me. I have a car and I have a driver's license but right now I share a vehicle with my boyfriend so I don't always have the truck, we are looking into getting another vehicle but 95 percent of the time he takes me to work and I either take lyft home or he comes after work and gets me. But I do not have an issue getting to work at all.