Melissa J.

Last checked-in 09/17/2020

< 1 Years Experience

Melissa J.

< 1 Years Experience

Last checked-in 09/17/2020

Jonesboro, Georgia (30238)

(312) 566-8520

Meet Melissa

Seeking $15.00/hour or $13.00/day
Travel 10 Miles
Willing to drive client

Caregiver Specializations

  • Breathing Treatments
  • Homecare Experience
  • Smokers Acceptable
  • Lift 25+ Pounds



  • Full-Time
  • Not Live In


  • Night Shift


  • Weekdays
  • Weekends

Why I Want To Be A Caregiver

I'm interested in being a caregiver because I know that most of the elderly need someone like me that has a big heart & I love helping others .also I know that most of those elderly people dont have family to come do for them in their time of need which is to me sad ,I believe everyone should have someone rather it be immediate family or someone like me that has for many years took care of my mother up until her passing in 2018 ,which i have a hard time dealing with even now cuz me & my mother where very close .but no one could ever replace ones mother & I miss her everyday .I believe that I'll be a great asset to sumone that needs me just as much as I need them .

Why You Should Hire Me

Well I've helped others all my life ,like in 1999 before I got pregnant with my son ,I took care of my son's grandmother on his fathers side which she wouldn't have it any other way since she knew that I loved her grand kids & that's why she loved me & knew that I'd take care of her just like I have taken care of her sons daughters ,I was bathing, feeding ,& giving her medicine to keep her comfortable before she passed away from having cancer ,then after she passed I found out I was pregnant with my son which was born having diaphragmatic hernia ,along with fundoplication then having bile obstruction following then after going through many ,many surgeries even after those happened I was allowed to finally take my son home after4 1/2 months of being in the hospital ,he came home with a feeding tube ,heart monitor,oxygen tank but before bringing him home i had to go through a CPR class .so with that being said i believe that I'm well qualified to be a part of ur team or better yet well qualified to help a elderly do those little things that make their life better along with happy that I've come into their life & make them happier .