Jahmyll y.

Last checked-in 09/20/2012

< 1 Years Experience

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Jahmyll y.

< 1 Years Experience

Last checked-in 09/20/2012

Defatur, Georgia (30032)

(312) 566-8520

Meet Jahmyll

Seeking $9.00/hour or Negotiable/day
Travel 10 Miles
Willing to drive client

Caregiver Specializations

  • Hospice Patients
  • Cats Acceptable
  • Dogs Acceptable
  • Smokers Acceptable



  • Full-Time
  • Not Live In


  • Day Shift


  • Weekdays
  • Weekends

Last Employer

cracker barrel

Why I Want To Be A Caregiver

I am a natrual kind hearted person. One of my many characteristics, is too see others happy. I enjoy helping others. I always maintain a clean and safe environment, wich will reflect on my patient. I have a warm, loving and friendly personality. Full of energy and love life. I'm reliable, detailed oriented and over all a HAPPY person

Why You Should Hire Me

I would be a great asset to your company. My availability is open and flexible. I'm a great problem solver as well as great communication skill. I work great independently as well with a team. I have reliable transportation, willing to travel. Overall I have great outlook on life.