Julia B.

Last checked-in 07/12/2014

< 1 Years Experience

Julia B.

< 1 Years Experience

Last checked-in 07/12/2014

Ellabell, Georgia (31308)

(312) 566-8520

Meet Julia

Seeking $11.00/hour or Negotiable/day
Travel 25 Miles
Willing to drive client

Caregiver Specializations

  • Special Meal Prep
  • Geriatric Experience
  • Homecare Experience
  • Hospital Experience
  • Nursing Home Experience
  • CPR Certification
  • Cats Acceptable
  • Lift 25+ Pounds


  • Spanish



  • Full-Time
  • Not Live In


  • Day Shift


  • Weekdays

Why I Want To Be A Caregiver

I have a strong background working at the health field in Nebraska, I moved to North Carolina 3 years ago and did not find a job that applied to my skills and qualifications, then I moved to Ellabell, GA 1 1/2 year ago and I have decided to explore a new career to work with. I have moved to the South of the USA because family reunion and I wanted to know the lifestyle of this region of the country. Now, I am looking an opportunity of job that fill my expectations and for the agency I will work. I have been working in the past as Public Health Leadership, program manager for minorities, health educator trained by 8 years on continuing health education through HHSS and Elkhorn Logan Valley Public Health Department en Wisner, NE. Excellent communication skills and the ability to train and motivate people to make changes on their life style. Bilingual: English and Spanish. Ten years of experience in health promotion, disease prevention and teaching nutrition and other health topics. I have knowledge of Microsoft Office, some Excel, Window XP, Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Publisher, Out Look and Navigation programs in the Internet, also, management of the basic offices equipment. I am familiar with the standard guide of health education and health promotion of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Health and Human Service System of the USA and the State of Nebraska.

Why You Should Hire Me

I believe my experience working with minorities and undeserved people, and being linguistically and culturally competent could be a good asset to work for the agency you serve. I have all the skills you can accommodate to the needs of your agency. Also, I have strong references about the performance of the job I could do.