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This Beginner's Guide to Live-In Caregiver Jobs offers an in-depth look at how live-in caregiver jobs work, various live-in caregiver programs through senior home care agencies, and what to expect in terms of caregiver wages.
The sections of this guide include:
1.     Overview of Live-In Caregiver Jobs
2.     Live in Caregiver Job Description
3.     Live in Caregiver Training
4.     Live in Caregiver Pay
5.     Live in Caregiver Contract
6.     How to find and apply for Live In Caregiver Jobs
Section 1: Overview of Live-In Caregiver Jobs
A live-in caregiver works for a senior that typically needs around-the-clock care. For many seniors, it’s a better alternative to nursing home type care, as they get one-on-one attention in the privacy of their own home. Although the positions are referred to as “live–in caregiver jobs”, a caregiver doesn’t actually live with the senior, called a client.  Live-in caregivers work a few days a week and go home in-between shifts.  The client must offer food and a place to sleep for the caregiver. Often times, there are multiple caregivers servicing a client. Apply for live-in caregiver jobs.
Section 2: Live in Caregiver Job Description
The first job of a live-in caregiver is to make a senior as comfortable as possible in their own home, while following the care plan developed by the leading Nurse assigned to the account.  Caregiver duties typically include assisting the senior in getting around the house, to and from appointments, light meal preparation, light housekeeping, taking vital signs, reporting senior condition to the nurse on-staff, and serving a critical role in supporting the senior emotionally.  Many seniors are thankful to have someone around the house to have a conversation with.
Section 3: Live-In Caregiver Training
Caregiver certification and training is not mandatory for many states.  In some states, live-in caregivers may need to complete at least 10-hours of online courses to meet state certifications.  However, caregivers are often able to start working and can complete the live-in caregiver training on-the-job.  Requirements to become a live-in caregiver typically involve a high school diploma, clean background check, clean drug screen, and empathy coupled with reliability and dependability.  If interested in completing 10-hours of online caregiver training, you can select from over 80+ modules through the myCNAjobs caregiver training programs or seek out local resources in your region.
Section 4: Live in Caregiver Salary and Wages
Live-in caregiver jobs offer the ability to work a few days at a time in return for a full week worth of caregiver wages. Live-in caregiver salary is paid in the form of a daily rate in instead of an hourly rate.  Wages for live-in caregiver pay range from $140 to $260 per day and is highly dependent on the experience of the caregiver, status of the client (i.e. often there are higher rates paid for patients suffering from severe memory loss), and your exact location.  To learn more about caregiver pay, broken down by experience and location, visit the caregiver pay guide.
Section 5: Live-In Caregiver Contract
All live-in caregiver jobs through the myCNAjobs network are through senior home care agencies.  That means that the employer – the agency of record – will be responsible for matching you with a client and all of the legal documentation, including the live in caregiver contract. If you are working in a direct-hire model, meaning an elderly client hires you directly, then you may be asked to sign a contract per the request of the family.  At myCNAjobs, we don’t believe in the direct hire model as we feel it’s in the best interest of the senior and the caregiver to work through an agency to ensure the safety of the senior and benefits for the caregiver.  Often times, senior home care agencies are able to offer insurance, health benefits, and paid vacation time – these perks are often not available by working directly for a client.
Section 6: How to find and apply for Live-In Caregiver Jobs
We know we’re biased, but one of the best places to start looking for a live-in caregiver job is HERE at myCNAjobs!  We work with senior home care agencies in every corner of the country. They use our hiring tool to search resumes and hire live-in caregivers every single day. So, if you’re looking for a live-in caregiver job, you can apply here.  With a single caregiver application, you’ll be considered for all local caregiver jobs in our network.  Additionally, you can find live-in caregiver jobs on various job boards, local papers, and even through local CNA schools.
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