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myCNAjobs is the largest caregiver network in the nation, representing 70%+ of the direct care workforce. Expand your reach to grow your team.

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Career Caregivers

Age varies with the defining trait is having worked in the profession for 3+ years. They most likely don’t hold jobs outside of care and desire full-time hours. Client match is of utmost importance.

Caring On The Siders

Middle-aged women not likely to have children that tend to work in hourly jobs. Transient in work, heavy internet users, and enjoy R&B music and donating to liberal and cultural causes.

Young and on the Move

Young adults aged 18-24 that are a mix of students and working professionals. Unlikely to have children and live on a limited income. They have a hunger to grow and enjoy connecting with brands.

Oodles of Offspring

Young female households, often with multiple children. A mix of renters and homeowners with limited income, they enjoy spending money on their kids and put family before work.

Single Moving Mommas

Single moms that move around frequently, have below average discretionary income, and are most likely a renter. They value connecting with brands, discount stores, and worry about making ends meet to support their kid(s).

Empty Nesters

Young retirees or near-retirees that enjoy spending time with their grandchildren, day time television, and sewing. Living on limited income, they also enjoy getting out of the house and shopping for personal care and apparel items.

Still Going Strong Retirees

Females in their 60s that enjoy spending time with their grandchildren and getting out of the house. Living on limited discretionary income, they are somewhat concerned about having enough money to retire.

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myCNAjobs is the desitination for caregivers to connect to
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myCNAjobs is a fantastic partner! They are proactive, communicative, professional, and always looking for new and innovative ways to help meet our business needs.

JACLYN PRITCHE VP, HR Field Operations

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70 %

Of America’s direct care workers are part of the myCNAjobs community

70 %

Of America’s direct care workers are part of the myCNAjobs community

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