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LivWell Home Care

Posted 27 days ago
West Berlin, NJ 08091
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Job Description

Job Title: Certified Home Health Aide

Who can perform CHHA duties and what are their qualifications:

       A Certified Home Health Aide         completion of a training program approved by the New Jersey Board of Nursing required     in good standing, holding a current, valid certificate as a Home Health Aide issued by the New Jersey Board of Nursing            completion of the Home care test

       A Nursing Student

O        with a written New Jersey Board of Nursing waiver in lieu of a certificate

                      Completion of the Home care test

       A Home Health Aide who recently completed the homemaker home health aide training program and has not yet received a certificate o           The presence of the Aide's name on the New Jersey Board of Nursing Home-maker Home Health Aide Certification Eligibility List until the actual certificate is issued o            Completion of the Home care test

Physical Requirements:



Able to effectively communicate with clients and co-workers

       Ability to perform tasks involving physical activity, which may include heavy lifting and extensive bending and standing

       Ability to deal effectively with stress

Reports to: The Registered Nurse Field Supervisor

Essential Functions of the position:

A Certified Home Health Aide is a person who carries out health care tasks as an extension of a registered professional nurse. A CHHA also provides assistance with personal hygiene, housekeeping and other related supportive tasks for a client with health care needs in his/her home.

Performance Criteria:

•       Consistently takes and records temperature, pulse, respiration when advised and reports all deviations from a normal reading

•       Competently assists the client in bathing in bed, in tub and in shower

•       Competently assists the client with care of teeth and mouth. • Competently assists the client with grooming, care of hair including shampoo and shaving

                    9. I .2020                                                       9. I .2020

     Competently assists the client with foot care

     Competently assists the client with ordinary care of nails (no cutting)

     Competently assists the client on and off bedpan, commode, and toilet  Competently assists the client in moving from bed to chair or wheelchair and in walking with a cane or walker  Competently assists the client with eating

     Prepares and serves meals according to instructions  Competently assists the client with dressing

     With guidance from the nurse, arranges a schedule so that the client follows medical recommendations such as increased physical activity and taking their own medication

     Remind his/her client to take his or her own medications as directed by the


     Maintains records as instructed by the Professional Registered Nurse  Competently performs other pertinent care functions as assigned and demonstrated by the Professional Registered Nurse  Safely accompanies client to obtain medical care

     Makes and changes client's bed

     Dusts and vacuums the rooms the client uses

     Washes the client's dishes

     Tidies the client's kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and personal environment

     Makes a list of needed supplies

     Shops for the client if no other arrangement is possible. The CHHA should never purchase alcohol or non-prescription drugs for the client

     Washes the clients' personal laundry if no family member is available or able, including ironing

     Sends clients linen to laundry if necessary

     Utilizes aseptic technique to clean around and secure the client's Foley or Texas catheter

     Competently cares for an incontinent client

     Assists the client in changing position to prevent decubiti

     Demonstrates appropriate preventive skin care techniques

     Consistently follows the Aide Plan of Care developed by the RN

     Consistently records all pertinent information on the Aide Plan of Care, and time cards in an appropriate timely manner

     Correctly measures and records Intake and Output as directed by the RN  Competently assists the client with range of motion exercises as directed by RN or therapist

     Demonstrates the ability to communicate effectively with the client and his/her family members

     Assists the RN supervisor to make client visits by ensuring presence of self and client at the time planned

     Demonstrates the ability to communicate effectively with other members of the health care team and staff of the agency

                  9. I .2020                                                         9. .2020

    Consistently reports occurrences to the Nursing Supervisor

    Consistently adheres to universal precautions, aseptic technique and infection control guidelines

    Consistently implements care in a manner that is maximally safe for the client, his/her family, and self

    Consistently seeks, accepts and implements suggestions to improve performance

    Demonstrates respect for the opinion of others

    Consistently assumes and follows through on the responsibility for assignment

    Demonstrates the ability to function effectively under stressful situations

    Maintains confidentiality of client observations and records

    Utilizes time effectively, maintaining a consistent level of productivity

    Completes the continuing education requirements annually (12 hours)

    Consistently complies with standards for attendance, absence notification, and punctuality

    Consistently demonstrates professionalism through appearance, performance and communication

    Assumes responsibility for reading and comprehending all posted notices, communications and policies and procedures related to CHHAs  Demonstrates competencies to provide care to patients of all ages



Respects the rights, privacy and property of others at all times


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