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Hiring During COVID-19

Hiring SEASONAL CNA's and HHA's

Assisting Hands

Posted 4 days ago
Riverview, FL 33579
12.00 - 14.00/hour
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Job Description

Job Description

We are recruiting SEASONAL Caregivers for the Riverview Area !

We are currently recruiting for CNA's or HHA's in Riverview!

This position is 1099 (HOURLY PAY RATE $12.00-$14.00)

We are hiring SEASONAL Workers (October- January)

If you are interested in our caregiver positions, please:

•Call (800) 887-4517 to set up an interview

• Send us your resume


1. Individual must have successfully completed and provide evidence of formal training and certification as a home health aide per state and federal law and regulation. Training program must meet agency’s requirements and pass the AHCA HHA written test.

2. Home health aides must also meet the agency’s expectations as it relates to the competency evaluation program, utilized to confirm that skills learned or tested elsewhere can be transferred successfully to the care of the client in his/her place of residence.

3. One (1) year experience in home healthcare preferred.

4. Certified Nursing Assistants who earn their certificate in another state may work as a home health aide if they present a copy of their current certificate from that state. They may also contact the Department of Health to inquire about becoming a certified nursing assistant in Florida.

5. Individuals who have graduated from an accredited school of nursing and are waiting to take their boards for licensure in Florida can work as a home health aide.

6. Registered nurses and licensed practical nurses who can show proof they are licensed in another state or in Floridacan work as a home health aide in Florida.

Reports to: Administrator


1. The performance of all personal care activities contained in a written assignment by a licensed health professional employee or contractor of the home health agency and which include assisting the client or client with personal hygiene, ambulation and exercise, eating, dressing, shaving, physical transfer, and other duties as assigned.

2. Maintaining a clean, safe and healthy environment, which may include light cleaning and straightening of the bathroom, straightening the sleeping and living areas, washing the client's or client's dishes or laundry, and such tasks to maintain cleanliness and safety for the client.

3. Providing nutritional support as needed.

4. Reporting changes in the client’s condition.

5. Other activities as taught by a licensed health professional employee or contractor of the home health agency for a specific client and are restricted to the following:

· Assisting with the change of a colostomy bag, reinforcement of dressing;

· Assisting with the use of devices for aid to daily living such as a wheelchair or walker;

· Assisting with prescribed range of motion exercises;

· Assisting with prescribed ice cap or collar;

· Doing simple urine tests for sugar, acetone or albumin;

· Measuring and preparing special diets;

· Teaching household routine and skills to well members of the family;

· Measuring intake and output of fluids;

· Keeping records of personal health care activities;

· Observing appearance and gross behavioral changes in the client and reporting to the registered nurse.

6. Assisting the client with the self administration of medication, limited to the following tasks:

Taking the medication in its previously dispensed, properly labeled container, from where it is stored and bringing it to the client.
In the presence of the client, reading the label, opening the container, removing a prescribed amount of medication from the container, and closing the container.
Placing an oral dosage in the client's hand or placing the dosage in another container and helping the client by lifting the container to his or her mouth.
Applying topical medications.
Returning the medication container to proper storage.
Keeping a record of when a client receives assistance with self-administration of medication.
7. Assistance with self-administration of medication does not include the following tasks:

Mixing, compounding, converting, or calculating medication doses, except for measuring a prescribed amount of liquid doses, except for measuring a prescribed amount of liquid medication or breaking a scored tablet or crushing a tablet as prescribed;
The preparation of syringes for injection or the administration of medications by injectable route;
Administration of medications through intermittent positive pressure breathing machines or a nebulizer;
Administration of medications by way of a tube inserted in a cavity of the body. (e) Administration of parenteral preparations;
Irrigations for debriding agents used in the treatment of a skin condition;
Rectal, urethral, or vaginal preparations;
Medications ordered by the physician or health care professional with prescriptive authority to be given "as needed", unless the order is written with specific parameters that preclude independent judgment on the part of the unlicensed person, and at the request of a competent client;
Medication for which the time of administration, the amount, the strength of dosage, the method of administration, or the reason for administration requires judgment or discretion on the part of the unlicensed person.
8. The home health aide and CNA may also provide the following assistance with self-administered medication, as needed by the client:

Preparing necessary items such as juice, water, cups, or spoons to assist the client in the self-administration of medication;
Opening and closing the medication container or tearing the foil of prepackaged medications;
Assisting the client in the self-administration process. Examples of such assistance include the steadying of the arm, hand, or other parts of the client's body so as to allow the self-administration of medication;
Assisting the client by placing unused doses of solid medication back into the medication container.
9. The home health aide may not change sterile dressings, irrigate body cavities such as giving an enema, irrigate a colostomy or wound, perform a gastric irrigation or enteral feeding, catheterize a client, administer medication, apply heat by any method, care for a tracheotomy tube, nor provide any personal health service which has not been included in the service provision plan.

10. Abides by the agency’s infection control policies, including proper handwashing techniques consistent with CDC Guidelines.

11. Abides by the agency’s Code of Conduct.

12. Must keep up with Continuing Education annually per company’s employment requirements.


Job Requirements



CNA License or HHA Certificate

• Auto insurance

• Driver's license

• Social security card

• TB test

• CPR Card

• Physical Exam (stating you are Free of Communicable Diseases)

• Direct deposit slip or voided check

• Health certificates you may have (HIV/AIDS, Alzheimer's,Assistance w/ Meds etc.)

We look forward to hearing from you


Talent Specialist Team

Apply Now Assisting Hands Home Care

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time

Pay: $12.00 - $14.00 per hour

COVID-19 considerations:
We supply gloves, masks and hand sanitizer.


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