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Horizon Health Network - Vandalia, OH

Posted 10 days ago
Eaton, OH 45320
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Job Description



Horizon Health Network combines skilled and non-skilled care through Horizon Home HealthCare and Absolute HomeCare. Horizon Health Network is looking for a Home Health Aide - STNA/CNA to join our team. At Horizon Health Network, we provide uplifting in-home care for seniors and older adults who require a helping hand, a supportive companion, and day-to-day assistance in their homes. As a Home Health Aide - STNA/CNA, you will have the opportunity to deliver one-on-one care that enhances the quality of life and brings hope and joy to clients and their families.


The Home Health Aide - STNA/CNA is responsible for community-based household management and for the compassionate and accurate performance of job duties. This individual is competent to perform assigned functions of non-medical care to the client in their residence. As a Home Health Aide - STNA/CNA, you provide a variety of non-medical services that allow clients to remain in their homes.


Performs housekeeping including, but not limited to:

  • Changing of bed linens
  • Vacuuming
  • Sweeping and washing of floors
  • Dusting of the client’s immediate environment
  • Emptying wastebaskets and garbage as necessary. 
  • The refrigerator/freezer is defrosted, when necessary if the client is unable to do so. 
  • Cleaning of the bathroom shall include cleaning of the bathtub and/or sink prior to and after client use. The floor shall be mopped if it becomes wet. 
  • Cleaning the kitchen shall include washing dishes used by the aide to fix meals for the client, wiping counters, and dry mopping the floor. 
  • Washing inside windows within reach from the floor may also be done. 
  • Bathes clients, including shampooing hair. (Client must sit, not stand, while in shower. A shower chair or stool of sturdy non-corrosive material should be used).

Attends to client’s skincare; trims fingernails (except for clients with poor circulation or diabetes); assists with oral hygiene, assists with dressing. Trimming of toenails is not allowed.

Assist with ambulation when the client is able to assist with the process. Home Health Aide - STNA/CNA may assist clients with the use of adaptive equipment for ambulation such as walkers. Canes or wheelchairs once the client has been trained on the use of the equipment and released from the care of the prescribing health care professional.

Supervise the safety of clients while he/she is toileting and dressing.

Pet care, limited to feeding and enabling pets to exit the house safely under the supervision of the client. Water plants as needed.

Plans nutritious meals and assists with feeding.

Launders personal laundry of the client, essential to the client’s health care.

Runs errands, such as picking up medications, and does grocery shopping of essentials at the nearest grocery store.

Assists with self-administered prescription medications. The Home Health Aide - STNA/CNA should remind the client to take his/her own medications. This includes bringing the medication to the client. It does not include determining the quantity of medication, nor directly giving the dosage to the client.

Provides transportation for the client, family member.

Provides companionship, motivation, and emotional support to the client with friendliness, care, and compassion.

Appropriately and accurately completes required agency records; maintains communication with the agency.

Job Requirements

Must have one of the following:

1. Active Ohio STNA License

2. Ohio CNA that is less than two years old (must be verified)

3. Full year experience within a two year time frame (must be able to verify supervised underneath RN)


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