Are you a CNA? Needed for the Elderly Orange County, CA

Cerna HomeCare

Posted 3 days ago
Irvine, CA 92603
19.00 - 24.00/hour
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Job Description

The C.N.A (Certified Nursing Assistant) will interact directly with patients on hospice or long term care. The C.N.A will provide comfort, monitor vital signs, monitor oxygen and assist with daily living needs. 

Client is non ambulatory, non- verbal. Has catheter, incontinent. g-tube pump. Must have strong understanding of care needed and comfortable with devices for care.

REPORTS TO: Scheduling Department and Designee

1. Responsible for providing supportive care on an hourly basis in patients in the following settings: hospice or long-term care needs.
2. Provides care in accordance with the attending physician’s orders from hospice and/or interdisciplinary plan of care.
3. Assist with daily living activities. This included delivering meals to patients or preparing meals in hospice settings. Providing plenty of fresh water, as well as extra nourishment between meals.
4. Turning and assist with ambulating patients.
5. Help patients with personal hygiene. Provide patients with bedpans, help with baths, shampoos and showers.
6. Provide adjunct care for the patient, including ice packs, non-sterile dressings and therapeutics baths.
7. Check vital signs and record daily information in the patient’s chart.
8. Assist the nurses and other staff as needed.
9. Adhere to professional standards, follow policies and procedures and abide by federal, state and local requirements

1. Provides patient care in accordance with California C.N.A
 Change patients diaper and/or use bedpan when needed.
 Change patients bed linens
 Assist with bathing i.e sponge bath or regular bath
 Assist with brushing of teeth
 Assist with getting patient dressed
 Assist with bringing food to patient
 Assist with feeding
 Assist with patient transfers from bed to chair, and from specialized  areas.
 Assist with range of motion exercises.
 Assist with housekeeping when working with hospice patients: i.e   making beds, laundry, cooking, doing dishes, removing garbage,   and cleaning room.
2. Support patients family members-You are expected to be a good listener and provide emotional support to the family members of the patient.
3. Documentation
 Must keep accurate documentation of patients state of mind, food liquid intake and output, vital signs, blood pressure, pulse rate and temperature of assigned patients.

Job Requirements

1. At least one year experience as a C.N.A
2. Completion of a state-approved C.N.A certification training course.
3. Reliable Transportation
4. Good oral and written communication skills. Including the ability to communicate sensitive information with empathy (“bedside manner”)
5. Ability to work as part as a team and handle multiple tasks safely and effectively.
6. Understands philosophy of different clinical settings i.e skill nursing facilities, continuous care.
7. Basic computer knowledge and experience.
8. High tolerance for working under pressure and handling critical situations with a cool head.

1. Current California C.N.A License
2. A Tuberculin skin Test or chest x-ray within six months prior to employment and every other
year thereafter.
3. A health examination within six month prior to employment or within 14 days after the date of
4. A reliable automobile and proof of auto insurance as travel may be required.
5. A California’s Driver’s License
6. Current CPR & First Aid or BLS


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