RESOURCE GUIDE: Live-in Caregiver Wages

Live-in caregiver jobs offer caregivers the ability to work a few days a week, yet still receive a full week worth of live-in caregiver pay.
Unlike caregivers that don’t work in a live-in position, live-in caregiver salaries are paid daily instead of based on an hourly caregiver wage.
Daily live-in caregiver salary ranges are highly dependent on three factors:
  1. Caregiver training and experience
  2. The status of the client 
  3. Your location 
Caregiver training isn’t necessary for live-in caregiver jobs, however trained caregivers tend to receive a higher live in caregiver salary.  Training for caregivers is very accessible and even available online, allowing caregivers to get caregiver certified in just a few hours each month from the comfort of their home. 
The status of a client is also factored into live in caregiver pay.  For some live in caregiver jobs, the client is very healthy and simply needs a companion and light meal prep.  However other jobs are much more labor intensive, especially when caring for a patient with severe memory loss or limited mobility. 
The single biggest factor determining live in caregiver salary boils down to one factor: location, location, location.  Caregiver wages vary greatly based on the specific part of the country you reside and if you’re located in a city, suburban, or rural area. 

Live-In Caregiver Salary Range: $140 to $260 / Day 

To learn more about live-in caregiving, check out the free Beginner's Guide to Live-In Caregiver Jobs , apply for in home care jobs, or view the detailed caregiver pay guide by market. 

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