High caregiver turnover is plaguing home care agencies nationwide, an issue addressed in the recently released research by myCNAjobs, a caregiver recruitment vehicle.  According to a 2012 Benchmark Study published by Home Care Pulse and sponsored by the National Private Duty Association, average caregiver turnover rate for all home care companies increased from 46.2% to 49.8% between 2010 and 2011.  The study was conducted in an effort to understand underlying caregiver motivations in the workplace to increase retention and decrease turnover. 

The study, titled "Understanding Caregiver Motivations to Increase Retention and Decrease Turnover" was conducted by myCNAjobs and Wheaton-IL based Home Helpers in conjunction with myCNAjobs' recently appointed Research Director, a seasoned veteran with more than ten years of experience running research for a Fortune 500 company. 

The study analyzes the sample into three main components; currently employed caregivers, unemployed caregivers, and caregivers looking for their first position.

"According to the study, nearly half of all employed caregivers are looking to leave their current employer within the next 6 months," says Brandi Kurtyka, Chief Marketing Officer for myCNAjobs.  "This is a challenge faced by thousands of businesses nationwide. We're striving to learn as much as we can though our own research and our trusted partners in an effort to reverse the trend."

The study also outlines key insights into potential motivators that may encourage a known non-loyal demographic to stick around longer.  

A few highlights include:
  • Despite feeling underpaid, nearly 90% of caregivers are happy with their choice of profession reinforcing that caregiving is a job done for reasons beyond a paycheck
  • 37% of caregivers would prefer more frequent performance evaluations
  • Working environment motivations vary greatly based on employment status.  For example, access to medical benefits is a bigger driver for caregivers seeking their first position than for currently employed or experienced yet unemployed caregivers. And, company reputation is key for attracting seasoned caregivers with experience.  
The study also highlights the daily live-in and hourly wages caregivers feel are fair and reasonable, representing higher numbers than market averages nationwide.  In addition to the analysis, the full report includes a sample of verbatim responses outlining feelings towards what an agency can do to increase caregiver satisfaction in the workplace.


For more information, the full 17-page research report is available free-of-charge to all home care agencies, partners, and the media.  To request a copy, visit myCNAjobs caregiver research center or email info(at)

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