High caregiver turnover is an issue faced by home care agencies and other employers nationwide. In a recent study by Wheaton-based Home Helpers and myCNAjobs, a caregiver recruitment vehicle, nearly half of all employed caregivers reported plans to leave their current employer within the next six months.
"According to multiple studies, professional caregiver, home health aide and CNA job turnover is on the rise," says Brandi Kurtyka, Chief Marketing Officer of myCNAjobs. "It's what we're seeing in the market and reflective of other studies by the NPDA reporting a rise in turnover from 46.2% to 49.8% from 2010 to 2011."
The recently published study, titled Understanding Caregiver Motivations to Increase Retention & Decrease Turnover In Home Care Agencies assess the underling motivations of professional caregivers to get an understanding of potential turnover influencers in an effort to reduce the trend. Additionally, the 17-page research report outlines wage expectations and characteristics of an ideal employer and boss.
"We're hoping to better equip homecare agencies with key insights into caregiver behavior to help improve hiring and retention issues," adds Kurtyka. "With thousands of Baby Boomers retiring each day, it's an issue we need to address now."

For more information, the full 17-page research report is available free-of-charge to all home care agencies, partners, and the media.  To request a copy, visit myCNAjobs caregiver research centeor email

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