myCNAjobs announces a new partnership with BAH Career Training, Inc. (BAH) in Garland Texas.  BAH, a CNA class provider, is licensed by the Texas Workforce Commission and accredited by the National Health Careers Association.

BAH is offering CNA scholarships via the myCNAjobs Scholarship Fund to help local residents obtain free education in an effort to increase the caregiver talent pool in under served Garland, Texas.

“We're pleased to extend our first scholarship to Nelleta P," comments Thomas Fomukong, BAH Program Director. "Our community is struggling to hire enough qualified caregivers to serve seniors and we're happy to play a small role in increasing educational opportunities to people like Nelleta that are considering becoming a CNA."

Nelleta, a former teacher in Jamaica, recently moved to Texas and is looking to build a long-term career in caregiving as she has a deep passion for providing quality care to those in need. "I'm looking to build on my skills as a teacher and learn how to continue teaching and engaging seniors," says Nelleta.  "I believe you should never stop learning and being able to engage seniors is a new challenge that I look forward to learning more about."

Nelleta will start CNA classes at BAH this month and plans to find a job as a certified nursing assistant immediately following graduation.

To learn more or apply for additional scholarships, visit the myCNAjobs Scholarship Fund or BAH Career Training Inc.

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Nelleta P.

Garland, TX

Scholarship Awarded: Full Tuition

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