MyCNAjobs announces that the Professional Career Certification and Training Institute (PCCTI), Oak Brook campus, is granting a full-tuition scholarship via the myCNAjobs Scholarship Fund to an inspired patient turned caregiver.

Amethyst A. is 22-year-old who was in-and-out of the hospital throughout her early childhood and could not get to the bottom of why she was feeling ill. It wasn’t until she turned 11 that the doctors diagnosed Amethyst with diabetes. Amethyst had never heard of diabetes and she was frightened about what her diagnosis meant. However, Amethyst states, “it was her exceptional certified nursing assistants and nurses that took the time out of their busy schedules to explain my diagnosis and teach me how to treat it. This simple gesture changed my life and helped me understand and accept my chronic illness”. 

It was the compassion from the individuals who took care of Amethyst that inspired her to provide the same loving treatment to those in need. With the drive to change lives in her heart, Amethyst immediately sought out ways she could find a job as a caregiver. Fortunately, Amethyst’s aunt worked in a clinic specializing in dialysis treatment. Even though Amethyst was only fourteen, she was eager to jumpstart her career as a caregiver and became an apprentice in caring for patients receiving dialysis. She instantly fell in love with the profession. Now that Amethyst is a little bit older, she is ready to advance in the homecare field by receiving her CNA certification. Amethyst confessed, “I just want to make a difference in the lives of those who need it, much like my nurses did for me when I was eleven”.

PCCTI – Oak Brook is excited to have Amethyst join their team. The PCCTI director stated, “we are proud to have someone in our program that we know will help transform the CNA field for the better. She will succeed and bring happiness to those to whom she will provides”.

Amethyst A. will begin CNA classes this May.
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Amethyst A.

Oak Brook, IL

Scholarship Awarded: Full Tuition

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