myCNAjobs announces their newest partnership with Avid CNA school in Streamwood, IL. Avid CNA School is offering two CNA scholarships via the myCNAjobs Scholarship Fund to help their local community become certified nursing assistants.
Avid CNA School believes in raising awareness for the lack of caregiving in the surrounding Chicagoland suburbs. This spring, Markita T. and Nicholas G. will be attending Avid CNA School’s CNA program to further their education in the healthcare industry.
Markita, an experienced caregiver of four years, always dreamt about becoming a nurse since she was a little girl. Growing up, Markita took care of her grandparents as their caregiver. Now Markita is on a great path to becoming a certified nursing assistant. In the future, she hopes to work with people who are in need of her help in a hospital setting.
Nicholas, a young college student, is determined to start his healthcare education as a CNA. Nicholas attends Marquette University, majoring in biomedical studies. He is very passionate about learning the different fundamentals in the healthcare field, figuring that becoming a CNA would be a great place to start.
Fatima Reyes, owner of Avid CNA School, provides a great amount of hands on activities in her CNA program, which helps the students’ learn how to deal with real life situations.  Fatima mentions, “I think that raising awareness on the lack of caregiving as a profession is very important. I am so happy to welcome Markita and Nicholas into my program.”
myCNAjobs will stay in contact with both recipients during their time in the CNA program.
To learn more about the myCNAjobs Scholarship Program, fill out an application here.

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Nick G.

Streamwood, IL

Scholarship Awarded: Full Tuition

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