myCNAjobs, the nation's largest network of caregivers and nurse aides, announces the release of the 2020 National Caregiver Pay Report.

Data was collected across millions of care workers over the past 12 months. Participants were asked the holy-grail question, "what are you willing to work for?". The analysis is segmented by both certification type and location.

The average hourly wage a caregiver is willing to work for nationally increased from $11.72 to $12.68 while the wage a CNA is willing to work increased $1.00, from $12.34 to $13.34. Some states experienced a more significant swing than others.

"Senior care companies are vying for workers amid historic low levels of unemployment, the gig economy is luring away caregivers, and major chains are now paying a wage premium with benefits to attract and retain talent," says Brandi Kurtyka, CEO of Tampa-based myCNAjobs.

"This shift was confirmed in our annual wage analysis," adds Kurtyka. "This year represents the largest percentage increase in annual wage rates that we've seen since the study's inception nine years ago."

The U.S. economy blew away expectations, adding 266,000 jobs in November while Amazon and retail giants raise the bar to lure workers. With a tight labor market, competition to recruit good talent is strong.

"Caregivers have more job options than ever before," adds Kurtyka. "We're aggressively helping our clients evaluate their offerings to better arm themselves to scale recruitment to meet market demands."

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Media Contact: Maggie Keen, Vice President Strategic Initiatives 312.506.4713

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