myCNAjobs recently published an updated caregiver and CNA training guide as part of the newly launched Caregiver and CNA training center, targeted towards professional and familial caregivers to gain new skills.

Key highlights from the guide include:

Caregivers with training are generally more successful
For both professional and family-based caregivers, training goes a long way.  Senior home care agencies report that families hiring a professional caregiver are often surprised at how a trained caregiver interacts more effectively than a family member with no training.  Further, the salaries of caregivers with training tend to be higher than caregivers with no formalized training.

There are two main types of caregiver training – each with distinct advantages and disadvantages

Caregivers have two primary options for caregiver training including online and through a formal academic environment.  Online caregiver training offers 24/7 accessibility and can be completed anytime.  In-person caregiver training on the other hand, requires a more rigid schedule, yet the support of fellow caregivers.  Formal programs are taught at certified nursing schools, hospitals, and often community-based programs.  myCNAjobs caregiver training including 80+ online modules include basic caregiver certification, Alzheimer’s and memory care, CNA CEUs, and familial courses.

Caregiver Training Requirements Vary by State

Each state maintains a registry of caregivers who have active certifications and require continuing education for the certification to remain active.  Typically, certificate renewals are required every two years. If pursing caregiving professionally, it’s critical to check state requirements frequently.  

myCNAjobs is the world’s most comprehensive resource to find rewarding work and hire caregivers and certified nursing assistants quickly. To learn more visit, or contact info(at)myCNAjobs(dot)com.  You can also download the caregiver and CNA pay guide.


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