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Interview Booking is a marketing program to generate more hires and drive awareness.

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60% of home care agencies report turning away cases due to lack of candidates. Grow your pipeline with more hires each month.

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We partner with 3K+ organizations online and offline, engaging with millions of caregivers each month to grow their career. Reach candidates you're not already reaching today.

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Lowest cost-per-hire in senior care. Generate more hires at a cost that is competitive or lower than you're paying today
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How It Works

We Support Your Team.
We Start With Listening.

We listen. How many hires do you need? What's the profile? What do you have to offer? We'll help guide you on what to expect and how we can help.

Your Openings Are Promoted To The
Largest Network Of Professional Caregivers

When you launch interview booking services, your company and openings will be promoted online and via our real-time recruitment engine. We serve as the job placement partner for thousands of schools and organizations like the Red Cross. When we engage with candidates, we'll promote your company.

We Prescreen (+ sell) Candidates

We'll pre-screen all candidates to ensure they meet your criteria. We can screen on things like experience, certification, and ability to work in your territory. Once we know a candidate meets your criteria, we'll try to entice them to accept an interview based on the wage and benefits you have to offer. 70% of caregivers ar more likely to want to accept an interview if recommend by us

Interview, Track Candidates, and Hire

We'll continue to court the candidate until the interview, including confirming their interview time. Use your online portal to view interview schedules and track candidates.

Get Candidate Feedback

After the interview, candidates will receive a notification to provide feedback. This valuable insight will help you learn who's interested and who's not to maximize hires

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How Many Hires Can I Expect From This Service?

On average, companies make 4 to 6 hires out of every 20 booked interviews. Nationwide, 11 to 13 candidates will show-up to interview generating 4 to 6 hires in total.

How Do You Know My Schedule?

You manage when you want to interview and when you don't. Adjust your interview availability and set blackout dates inside your portal, letting us know you're busy and not to book candidates.

Can I Set-up Multiple Locations To Receive Interviews?

Yep, you can set-up interviews when and where needed.

How Many Interviews Will I Receive?

The number of interviews you'll receive is driven by caregivers in your area. We only book candidates that have shown interest in meeting with you and are willing to work for your set wage and benefits. It's part of our screening process. Companies that have an attractive offering tend to generate more hires than companies that don't. Each month, you set a cap outlining the maximum number of interviews you'd like to receive.