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Hi there and welcome to our career training series. I’m Nick, and I’m one of the team members here at myCNAjobs.

Today’s CNA training is to learn how to properly wash your hands when working with patients. Proper hand washing technique is important to help prevent the spread of germs and keep your clients healthier and happier. You’ll want to make sure you have a sink, hand soap, as well as clean, dry paper towels. To start, turn on the water and get your hands wet. Then, get the soap and put it in your hands.  Begin scrubbing your hands together, making sure to wash all surfaces. Interlace your fingers like this [DEMONSTRATE] to clean in between your fingers. Wash your wrists, and scrub your fingertips against your opposite palm to clean your fingertips like this [DEMONSTRATE]. You want to wash your hands for at least 15-20 seconds, making sure you don’t miss any spots. To rinse, put your hands under the running water with your fingertips pointing down. Take your paper towels and dry your hands thoroughly, then dispose of them in a safe place. Then, with a clean paper towel turn off the faucet making sure not to touch anything with your hands. And now you’re done!

That’s it for today’s lesson. If you’re looking for work as a caregiver or Certified Nursing Assistant, feel free to check out the CNA jobs and career fairs available in your area at .  We work with a lot of companies across the country and we’re happy to connect you to different jobs based on what you’re looking for.  Or if you prefer, just give us a call to talk directly with a recruiter at 312-275-3959.

Proper hand washing technique is a vital skill for any Caregiver or CNA. Hand washing helps prevent the spread of germs and diseases, and is important to keep both you and your patient happy and healthy. In this video we’ll go over the supplies needed, proper techniques for washing all areas of your hands including fingertips and wrists, proper technique for drying hands and disposal of paper towels, as well as turning off the water.