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Hi there and welcome to our career training series. I’m Alex - one of the recruiters here at myCNAjobs.

I talk with hundreds of caregivers each month and I’m asked all the time about how to find local CNA classes. So, in today’s training session, I’m going to give you a few tips on how find a good CNA program near you to help grow a career as a certified nursing assistant.

#1 - State Approved

When researching classes to become a CNA, it’s critical to check the website for your state’s nursing board to ensure the school is state approved.  Sadly, there are many CNA programs that are not state approved and if you find yourself at one of these programs you could pay a lot of money and NOT get your license!  It’s quick and easy to check the state website and an important part of your search to find the best program.

#2 - Reputation

Google local CNA classes to read reviews online from other students. It’s important to keep in mind that you shouldn’t solely make a decision based on a few good or a few bad reviews, but it will give a framework to add to your evaluation criteria

#3 Visit the School

Visit the school, meet their staff, and review their history. You want to find a school that has a rich history in teaching certified nursing assistants. Ask about how long they have been teaching CNAs and who teaches the classes. Get an understanding of the professor’s certifications.

#4 - Placement Rates

Look for a school with high job placement rates. Some CNA schools have a dedicated career counselor to help you navigate your job search. You can ask a school what their placement rate is to get a sense of what to expect. You can search schools that partner with myCNAjobs by visiting and clicking SCHOOLS. Typically schools that partner with us have high placement rates as we’re working with them to help place their students in jobs before, during, and after school.

#5 - Cost

Costs for CNA classes can vary from a few hundred dollars to nearly two thousand dollars. Evaluate your top choices and then look at cost to determine what’s in your budget and where you feel you’ll get the best education.

If you want to learn more about CNA classes near you, visit If you want to learn more about working as a caregiver before you attend CNA school, you can give us a call at 312-275-3959

Have you ever wondered how to find CNA classes near you? If you’re a Caregiver looking to advance your career with a CNA certification, this video is for you! You’ll learn helpful hints about what type of classes you should attend, how to find reputable classes, visiting local schools, getting a job after school, and managing costs. You can always view schools available near you by visiting