Managing Spiritual & Cultural Differences On The Job

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Hi, and welcome to our career training series. I’m Nick and I’m one of the team members here at myCNAjobs. Today we’ll be talking about spiritual and cultural differences you may experience with patients while working as a Caregiver or CNA.

One of the best parts of being a Caregiver is interacting with many different kinds of people that come from a variety of backgrounds. Culture and religion are two common differences you may encounter with your patients. The most important thing is to always handle these differences with kindness and respect.

When working with cultural beliefs it’s important to keep an open mind. These beliefs run deep, and are held dearly by your patient. Think about the things in your culture that matter to you. It’s no different for your patient. You should take your patient’s beliefs into account when providing care and always be understanding and respectful with them.

Some common examples of cultural beliefs may be small, such as dietary differences, or larger, such as mistrust of doctors or conventional medicine.

The same guidelines apply to religion as well. Always approach any differences you encounter with kindness and understanding. Never belittle or ignore the beliefs of another patient, even if those beliefs are contradictory to yours.

Some common examples of religious obstacles you may encounter can range from a dietary restriction to something more challenging, like refusing a blood transfusion. You should try to work with your patient’s religious beliefs, not around them. Listen to their concerns with an open mind and offer to explain any potential misunderstandings.

Remember religious and cultural beliefs are protected by law. There can be legal consequences if care isn’t provided with these protections in mind. Being a Caregiver or CNA gives you a great opportunity to meet new people from all walks of life, and as with all your patients, it’s important treat each one with kindness and respect.

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When working as a Caregiver or CNA, you’re likely to be working with people from all walks of life. This can sometimes present spiritual and cultural differences on the job which are important to handle in a professional manner. In this video, we’ll go over some common spiritual and cultural differences you may encounter when working with patients, how these differences can present themselves on the job, and tips for handling them with kindness, respect, and professionalism.