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On average, one caregiver hire equals $2,400 in an annual tax credit

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The Workforce Opportunity Tax Credit, also referred to as WOTC, is a dollar-for-dollar tax credit available to employers that hire caregivers meeting specific criteria. There are over $60 Billion of employer tax credits available to help elevate economically depressed populations.
Employers are rewarded with a tax credit (not a deduction), meaning that the full credit is deducted from the taxes you pay each year. The average tax credit is $2,400 per eligible caregiver while the maximum benefit is $9,600 per caregiver hire. The size of the tax credit varies based on the type of eligibility class, how many hours the caregiver works, and how much the caregiver is paid. A caregiver must work at least 120 hours to begin earning tax credits.
Companies shouldn't feel guilty about prioritizing work for caregivers who are eligible for tax credits. After all, that's what the program is about - putting these caregivers to work. You can now easily pre-identify caregivers that may be eligible for the tax credit via the "Cares" badge on myCNAjobs. Our Growth Package includes access to view these badges. You can contact your Account Consultant with questions.
We estimate 40% of caregivers on myCNAjobs are eligible for a tax credit! Caregivers who are on food stamps, welfare, state paid disability, unemployed Veterans, and those on the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Designated Community Resident, or Supplemental Social Security programs may meet eligibility requirements.
Before a caregiver is hired, they must complete two forms to be submitted within 28 days. Additionally, there is a special clause that will allow companies to go back to your existing employees to submit paperwork to receive the credit in 2015. myCNAjobs has a partner that will do this paperwork for you! Simply fill out the form on this page and they will contact you to walk through the process -- there is no fee to process the paperwork. You simply pay a small portion of the credit once received. We've negotiated a best-in-class industry rate that you'll receive automatically as a customer of myCNAjobs.